Do you need to challenge a Will to secure your share of a Farm?

We can put you in touch with the right farm inheritance dispute solicitor, who will help you challenge a will or contest probate on a No Win No Fee basis – you pay no upfront fees.

Don’t be fooled by those organisations that only offer free initial advice for your inheritance dispute. We will source a specialist will dispute solicitor who will not ask for any upfront fees, will not charge you as the case progresses, and will conduct the whole of your case on a genuine No Win No Fee basis.

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On what grounds can I make a claim for the Farm and/or challenge a Will?

We can help you successfully contest a Will and get your fair share of the Farm if the Will:

  • Has not provided you with what you expected to receive.
  • Has unfairly omitted to provide you with anything.
  • Has failed to provide you with something that was promised, or that you bargained for.
  • Has changed the Will despite agreeing that it would not be changed.
  • Was pressured into changing a Will.
  • Did not have the mental capacity to produce a Will.

We can also help if promises or assurances about the farm were made to you, and:

  1. There was a promise or assurance from the farmer that you will inherit the farm, or a share of the farm, in return for your services.
  2. You are able to show that you reasonably relied on this promise or assurance.
  3. You can prove that you acted to your detriment due to your reliance on the promise.


Our panel of experienced solicitors are experts in challenging probate, inheritance disputes and contesting wills on a No Win No Fee basis. Check out a few of our testimonials for their recent cases:

If you believe you have a reason to challenge, do not wait as there can be a time limit as short as 6 months in which you can start this challenge.

How long do I have to challenge a Will or make a Claim for my fair share of the Farm?

PLEASE NOTE. There may be a time limit to contest a will and/or make your claim. If you do not bring your inheritance dispute claim within the appropriate time limit, you may not be able to bring your claim for your share of the Farm at all. The time limit to contest a will may be as little as 6 months, so don’t delay in contacting us.

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