What is Fraudulent Calumny?

Have you been omitted from a will, or seen your benefit reduced, because the Will maker was influenced by lies told about you by somebody else?

Was the Will maker’s opinion of you changed for the worse due to unjustified aspersions made by somebody else?

Has another person benefitted at your expense because they misled the Will maker about you?

When the Testator or Will maker’s affection for you has been poisoned by the dishonesty of another, it is known as “fraudulent calumny”. A Will made in those circumstances may be invalid.

At CPAID, we can assist those who are the victims of fraudulent calumny to find No Win No Fee assistance to rectify the situation.

There is a trend at the moment to liken fraudulent calumny to the slow drip of poison into the ear of another. Whilst the Will has the appearance of being made of the Will maker’s own free will and accord, in fact any genuine intentions have been deliberately overridden by the dishonesty and spite of others. If this can be proven, then the Will is invalid.

It must be shown that the perpetrator of the malicious story knew the information to be untrue, or otherwise simply didn’t care if it was true or not.

It must also be shown that there is no other reason for the Will maker to have failed to make provision for you. Effectively, it must be shown that, but for the fraudulent calumny, the Will would have favoured you or provided you with more.

If you are affected by these issues, contact us today. We may be able to secure No Win No Fee assistance for you.