C-PAID does not charge to review your contested will enquiry…

It’s simple: C-PAID does not charge their clients a penny to investigate the potential merits of a claim. Unlike some other firms that claim to offer No Win No Fee, we do not charge you to investigate your enquiry to determine whether a No Win No Fee agreement can be offered.

If your case is deemed to be strong enough, our Panel Solicitors will be happy to take your case on a genuine No Win No Fee basis.

It is becoming increasingly frequent that when individuals contact us, they tell us about other firms that claim to offer the same service, but these firms ask for a payment just to look into their enquiry. Some firms apparently charge thousands for this! C-PAID does not charge. We believe that us offering to help people contest a will on a genuine No Win No Fee basis means that, ethically, a client should not be charged an upfront fee by us to find out if their claim is strong enough for a No Win No Fee.

Our panel of expert solicitors will run your case from start to finish without asking for any upfront fees, and without asking you to make any contribution towards their charges as the case progresses – it is a genuine No Win No Fee agreement. If the case is not successful they agree not to be paid. If the case is successful our expert solicitors expect to recover their fees from opponents, so you do not have to make a contribution towards the legal fees.

Therefore, whilst some solicitors may charge tens of thousands of pounds for your contested probate case, C-PAID’s panel of expert contested probate and contested will solicitors do not charge a penny until the case is successful. They expect to recover their fees from opponents.

If your claim succeeds, and only if your claim succeeds, you will be required by the No Win No Fee agreement to pay a success fee from your winnings. That success fee is capped at a fixed percentage and is only payable from funds that you win. You do not have to put your hand in your pocket to make this payment.


Contact us to find out how we can help you obtain a genuine no-win no fee agreement.

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